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Unreliable narrator Michael Montoure writes horror & urban fantasy about hidden truths, secret dealings, & our changing pasts. He's standing right behind you.

A Memory of Something Half-SeenMichael Montoure, digital sketch + photograph, 09/16/2014

A Memory of Something Half-Seen
Michael Montoure, digital sketch + photograph, 09/16/2014

“For a long time I wasn’t
entirely sure I wanted to
put myself back together,
because letting go of the
sadness would mean I
had to redefine myself.
And sometimes, I still feel
like chasing the darkness,
because I don’t exactly
know who I am without
it. I realised I made a
home out of something I
should have never let in.”

wtm, chasing the darkness (via wordscanbeenough)

“Do not worry. You have always written before and you will write now. All you have to do is write one true sentence.”

– ERNEST HEMINGWAY (via kadrey)

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This is one of my favorite websites going. Todd Henry throws out a ton of great information about working as a creative. If you’re a professional writer or interested in reading tips and tricks that can take your game to the next level, it’s a website that needs to be on your radar.

- Graphei



i live across the street from an abandoned school and the bells still work and they ring at midnight and at noon isn’t that weird


No, no, I’m sure that’s an overreaction.

There’s no reason they need to move out of the house so long as they burn the school to the fucking ground.

This week’s free story : “Feeding the Flesh”

This week’s free story : “Feeding the Flesh”

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Feeding the Flesh

A SHADOW MARKET STORY — Former Senator Jonathan Eldridge is a connoisseur of the rarest…

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“I believe that words uttered in passion contain a greater living truth than do those words which express thoughts rationally conceived. It is blood that moves the body. Words are not meant to stir the air only: they are capable of moving greater things.”

– Sōseki Natsume, Kokoro (via wordsnquotes)