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“Bad books on writing tell you to ‘WRITE WHAT YOU KNOW’, a solemn and totally false adage that is the reason there exist so many mediocre novels about English professors contemplating adultery.”

– Joe Haldeman (via maxkirin)

-Ask yourself why you feel like this. Is it because of an event that has occurred, or are you down in the dumps because it’s the only place you know where to be?

-Sit in your room and cry. It is best, I have learned, to hide under the covers at an odd hour so that your mother does not come downstairs and ask you what’s wrong. Unless you want to be asked what is wrong. In that case, open the door to your bedroom and wail.

-Head over to the library. Drag your fingers over the spines of the books. Read the backs of some. Do not leave until you have a considerable amount in your arms to check out. Fall in love with a few and read them until you can accept that beauty is worth living for. Let the rest sit on your dresser until they have to be returned.

-Don’t leave the house for almost a week. Realize you have not showered in days when you go out to walk your dogs and are glared at by fathers pushing strollers. Fix yourself up out of shame, rather than the desire to.

-Fill up your calendar with things you wouldn’t dare miss: concerts, trips, your best friend’s birthday. Make sure you hang this reminder that things are going to be good somewhere you can see it. If you are quite sad, you might want to consider taping it to your eyelids.

-Use your sadness as an opportunity to create something truly beautiful. Not talented, you say? Please. Some of the best art is idea, not talent based. Find objects on the street and call them sculptures, like Duchamp. Fling paint at a canvas until you feel less upset, like Pollock. Stab the canvas a few times, no one will judge you.

-Start laughing at your depression. Allow it to turn you into a pretentious prick. Only buy jazz records and sit on your front lawn listening to them as you sip an espresso and glare at your socially acceptable neighbors. Give them something to call the cops about.

-Have a few secrets. Run down the street naked each night. Tell your friends, who you’ve also told you don’t believe in God, that you’re going to take a walk. Walk straight into a church just because you like to listen to others sing. Get a tattoo on your ribs. Lie when someone asks you your name. Tell them it’s Florence, tell them you’re a spy, tell them you’re happy.

-Fall in love with a boy because he seems safe. Fall in love with a boy because your mother hates him. Fall in love with a boy because he makes you feel alive. Leave him. Marry him. Forget him. Ask yourself how you will ever be able to stop kissing him.

-Live your life as freely as you please, because if you want to die, you’ve granted yourself a freedom you might not have been able to find otherwise. Quit playing things safe. You’re a bit crazy, let that work for you. Do as many things as you can without fear because you’ll be too busy saying, “Whatever. I could be dead” to be afraid.

-Find yourself beginning to have fun, until one day, you wake up to find your face sore from sleeping with a smile on. Realize that you are happy. Love how your bones tingle with excitement at the thought of living. And then, go. Live. Finally, you are free.

Things To Do When You Kinda Just Feel Like Dying | Lora Mathis (via likeanoldstory)

Free Novel Pitch Template To Download (.doc) »

Many writers lose focus when writing their novel because they don’t put in the necessary work at foundation level … And this is often because they don’t know WHAT to do at foundation level! Here is a novel pitch template to download (for your own use and/or submission to others, such as beta readers or your agent), plus a breakdown of how I filled mine in for my debut novel in English, THE DECISION: LIZZIE’S STORY. Enjoy and hope it helps!


The Baby’s Room

This will likely be next weeks Horror Movie Friday showing..
Though not dubbed, shown subtitled.

I was kinda holding out for doing “Frailty” next, but this looks intriguing.

(Let me guess — you want to watch something with realistic parental reactions, after our recent “Insidious” viewing? :) )

“If you do all that work of figuring out exactly how writing is done, then it’s available to you at anytime, and you can build on it. It’s like the difference between shooting one hoop and having it go in by accident and saying later, ‘I shot a basket,’ – and practicing so much you can do it whenever you want.”

– Mark Salzman (via writingquotes)

barghest asked: Hey! So I'd never been into short horror until recently, and I'm wondering if you can recommend some videos. I saw Lights Out and Bedfellows (I dunno if it's weird but Bedfellows was waaaaay scarier to me? Anyway.) I also really like the original Mama short and the DyE Fantasy music video. Anyway, any suggestions?


Well, there are anthologies like Trick r Treat, Creepshow, Tales from the Crypt, V/H/S and the ABCs of Death that you might enjoy. Those aren’t shorts, per se, but if you like shorter-form stuff, check them out.

As for true horror shorts, one of my favorites is The Cat With Hands. It’s creepy and cool and pretty and spooky all at once. There are a few great horror channels on youtube, like Daywalt, that are doing horror shorts frequently. Below is a big list of more. I’m going to include links to the shorts you mentioned, for anyone who hasn’t yet seen them.

OMG. I will start working my way through these.